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A2 Rigging are dedicated to giving the client a free choice of the ideal rigging soloution. Our advice is based on what we feel is best suited to the customers needs and also that of the vessel. Many of our competitors are driven by targets produced by suppliers to increase their margins. A2 prides itself on treating every project as a “one off” and, be it a mast for your home completed pram dinghy or a replacement spar for an S+S classic, each will receive un-biased advice and competitive quoting.


We can roll swage fittings onto wire diameters from 2mm to 28mm and stock the wire and fittings to enable us to produce these sizes from stock. We can also talurit eyes in wire from 1.5mm to 16mm.

yacht_rig_clip_image001We keep a comprehensive stock of all sizes from 3.0mm to 16.0mm and can fit any type of end to supply you with completed rigging, or can sell you lengths by the coil for making your own rigging with swageless end fittings.


yacht_rig_clip_image002This wire offers greater flexibility than 1×19 wire and can be used for halyards, steering cables or standing rigging. It can be terminated by swage, swageless, Talurit® soft eye or by splicing to rope. Here again we can supply ready made lengths, or supply all the necessary bits for self completion.


yacht_rig_clip_image003For sailors more performance orientated Dyform wire offers a lower stretch alternative to standard 1×19 wire. Still made from high quality stainless, Dyform wire has its strands drawn through a shaped die so that once wound together it not only has less constructional stretch, due to the tight layup, but also has less dynamic stretch due to a greater cross sectional area of material for a given diameter. As Dyform is also stronger than 1×19, it is often possible to go down a size and to gain an advantage for reducing windage. Dyform can be used with all standard swage and swageless fittings.

Whatever your wire requirements, we fit either roll swage terminals or the Norseman or Stalok swageless terminals. We will always check that the correct make of “T-terminal” is used to match the backing plates in your mast as there must not be a mis-match.
Our range of rigging screws incorporates commercial grade stainless steel rigging screws to chromed bronze bodied, integral toggled rigging screws for cruising boats to fully calibrated turnbuckles for the keen race competitor.

With the proliferation of modern synthetic rope materials, there is a confusing choice facing the yachtsman as to which is right for the particular application that he needs. Some materials are inexpensive, others can be very expensive.

We stock a comprehensive range of ropes suitable for boats from dinghies to super yachts. We can select specific ropes from various rope manufacturers depending on the job performed by a particular rope on a boat.