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Solving your rigging issues and protecting your assets with high quality custom-made covers


A2 Rigging is a team of multi skilled marine and architectural riggers who have been established in Cornwall for 25 years. Having identified a need for a totally independent service, A2 offers impartial advice on any project.

Varied Projects

Architecturally, we supply custom steel work for structural, display and decorative applications and we have completed many varied projects including the aerial display in the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

Comprehensive Supplies

We have the skills and network to be able to supply whatever rigging product is required for any given project. This could be wire, rod, PBO or running rigging in both high tech and standard materials in the marine environment.


Based in Falmouth, Cornwall, we carry out projects throughout the UK and Europe and have even travelled to Grenada to re-mast a yacht adding to our international experience.

Based in Falmouth, working across the UK and overseas

Meet the team

image of Mel at A2 Rigging and Covers

Mel Sharp

Mel has been involved in the Marine environment since serving as a Royal Marine. He has been involved in the marine industry in Falmouth for 25 years having established A2 Rigging in 1997.       

Image of Claire at A2 Rigging and Covers

Claire Sharp

Claire offers a bespoke cover and upholstery, design and installation service, based at our Workshop at Islington Wharf, Penryn. She can also be found in the office and can throw a hand a rigging when needs be.

Melanie at A2

Melanie Sharp

With years of experience in the hotel and leisure industry during which time keeping an eye on the “bottom line” was always in her remit, made Melanie the natural choice.       

Sarah Havard

Sarah Havard

Sarah works along side Claire offering a bespoke cover and interior upholstery, design and installation service, based at our Workshop at Islington Wharf, Penryn.

Rowan at A2 Rigging and Covers

Rowan Skingley

Introducing the newest member of the A2 Team. Rowan is home from uni for the summer and will be assisting on both rigging and cover elements at A2. Coming from a strong boatbuilding family background Rowan is keen to learn all aspects of the work A2 undertakes and isn't phased by the demands of the job.

image of gary

Gary Aston

Gary works with us on rigging projects when he isn’t involved in sailing adventures on his own boat.



Lugo is the rigging shed black labrador who loves people and will meet you with a rapidly wagging tail. 



Rome is a labra-doodle bundle of energy who will greet you at the loft. 

Un-biased advice and competitive quoting

We can supply parts from all major marine equipment suppliers, including (but not limited to):

Quality riggers, high standard custom-made covers

Contact us to discuss your rigging or cover needs. We'll find the best solution for you.

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